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How to Setup Kerio Connect with Microsoft Outlook
Posted by Malcolm W Wren on 26 December 2014 01:39 PM

The following guide is based on Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 connecting to a Kerio email server.

Wrenmaxwell Kerio email provides a web interface as well full Microsoft Outlook integration.

Open your web browser and navigate to the URL of your web mail server to start the Outlook integration process

Your web mail server will be like 

Example:   If your email address is then your server would be

The mail server web page will display the following login prompt.









Click on the "Integration with Windows" and the following page will appear with a number of options, we are really only interested in the top section that relates to Microsoft Outlook. You can either click on the option to download the Kerio Outlook Connector or you can click on the link to auto configure the Kerio Outlook Connector.

If you select the download option an installer file will save to your computer, if you select the auto configure option then a prompt will then appear for you to input the email address and the password that have been allocated to your email account.

The auto configuration process will require you to allow a script to run and will then open Microsoft Outlook and take you into the setup process for the email account.

The rest of these instructions are for setting up Microsoft Outlook using the downloaded Kerio Connect installer file.


Once the Kerio Outlook Connector file has downloaded, click on it and run the installer, first ensure that Microsot Outlook is closed.

The installer will start the process, follow the prompts to install;

  • click next
  • click next
  • click install
  • click finish

The Kerio connector is now installed and you can now setup Outlook to collect email.

Open the Control Panel

Windows 7 Control Panel

Enter 'mail' into the search box in the upper right corner which will display the Mail (32 bit) icon in the main pane

Filter for Mail control

Select the Mail (32 bit) icon

Windows Mail Control

Select Show Profiles and you should see a list of the Outlook Profiles that exist for your account on the computer. Usually the only one is the default 'Outlook' profile.

Outlook Profile List

At this stage you can elect to modify the Properties of the existing profile and add a second account into your existing Outlook Profile, or as this guide will do, it adds a new Profile specific to the server and account that we want to use.

Add a new Outlook Profile

Click on Ok which will save the profile and open up the Add New Account panel

Click Next

Select Other and the Kerio Connect option and click next.

The Kerio account details window now appears.

Input the following;

  • Mail server in the form of mail.yourdomainname.tld
  • Account name, this is the email address
  • Password, the password you were assigned

Now click on Retrieve Info and the user information will be input from the email server.

Click OK and you will be prompted to restart Outlook, click OK and then Finish and the account is added.

You can now close the Outlook email configuration window



On this screen the password should be your network password which will match with the network login, not the email address. Here Outlook assumes that the email address is directly linked with the network password which it may not be. In order to avoid issues and warning messages, select the 'Manually configure server settings or additional server types' option. The other options will be greyed out as a result. Then click Next.

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