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How to Create an Email Address in your CPanel Account
Posted by Malcolm W Wren on 19 February 2015 09:42 AM

To create your email addresses, logon to your CPanel control panel, the URL will be in the format;

Enter your username and password, these details will have been provided to you when your web hosting account was established.

The next screen that displays is the control panel that is used to manage your hosting account, look for the Email Accounts icon and click it.

The next screen displayed gives you the tools to create a new email address and/or edit the properties of an existing email address

Type in the email address you would like to create by filling out the username and then selecting the domain name, if you have multiple domain names setup in your CPanel area then select the domain from the drop down.

Enter a password and confirm the password, you can either fill out a password yourself or the system can generate one for you if you select the Password Generator.

IF choosing your own password then ensure that it is complex and contains more than 8 characters and includes characters that are numeric, upper case, lower case and symbols

The default quota for the mailbox is 250MB, you can change this or select unlimited. Selecting unlimited will allow the mailbox to grow to the maximum size of your overall hosting account.

Click create account and the new email address will appear in the list of email addresses

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