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How to create an email signature for
Posted by Malcolm W Wren on 27 March 2015 11:18 AM

Have you been struggling to add an image to your signature to your email?

After searching the internet we found a number of conflicting and incomplete solutions that didn’t seem to tell the complete story so we decided to write our own set.

This article will guide you through the process of creating an email signature for your email, you will need to login to and also access your OneDrive account to complete this task.


Upload the image you want to use

Ensure that you have an image that is of an appropriate size for use with your email signature.

To resize you image you can use tools such as Windows Paint, MS Office Picture Manager.


Open you your page and login to your email, we can access everything we need from this one location.

Firstly lets go and upload your image to OneDrive, I would suggest you keep this file separate to other images in order to make it harder to accidentally delete.

Click on create and then select Folder, in the popup window type Signature for the name of the folder and click create and the new folder will now appear.

Create Folder

Once created click the folder to open the folder, now click on Upload at the top of the screen and select files, then in the browse window that opens go and find the picture you want to upload then click open. The picture will be uploaded to the directory.

Now the image is uploaded you have to make it viewable by everyone publicly so that the image will be displayed when you send your emails. To do this, click on the image, it will now appear with a black screen behind it.

From the menu at the top click share, then click Get a link and select public from the drop down and click Create Link

Create Public Link

This has now shared the image to Public, you don’t need to do anything with the link itself.

Click close and then from the menu at the top of the black backed screen click View Original to view the image in a fresh browser window. Right click the image and select Copy Image from the menu.


Creating the Signature

Navigate back to your outlook by clicking on the product select icon and choose Navigation

To create the signature you have to open the options area of the program, click on the cog  at the top right of the windows and select Options from the menu that appears. A new page with many options will now be shown, select Formatting, font and signature from the Writing email section.

We are now concerned with the area of Personal Signature, go ahead and type the words you want to appear in the signature and then when you are ready to add the image right click at the location you want the image to be and click Paste from the menu.

Now click save to save the signature.

There have been some issues where after saving the signature, the image disappears. If this occurs then you need to paste the image again and then hit the space bar after the image. For some reason this then resolves the issue of the image not saving in the signature. Signature


Now go and create a new email and the signature will appear.

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