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How do I connect to my site via FTP?
Posted by Malcolm W Wren on 26 November 2012 03:01 PM

In order to connect to your website via FTP, you will require an FTP client application. There are many FTP client applications available and you can find these by doing an internet search on "ftp software". Each application has different features with some being opensource(free) and other requiring their purchase.

WrenMaxwell uses and recommends FileZilla, this is one such opensource application.

The Server and Account Information you will need is: 
  1. The hostname (e.g. your domain name) or server IP Address to connect.
  2. The login or userid associated with the hostname: By default, this is the same as your cPanel username
  3. The password for the account: By default, this is the same as your cPanel password

This information is required for all FTP client applications to log into your site.

FileZilla can be downloaded from HERE

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