How to reset your password with Kerio Email
Posted by Malcolm W Wren on 30 April 2015 04:45 PM

Passwords for systems do expire at designated times, the frequency being determined by the application and/or the provider of the application. With Kerio Connect email you will be notified that the password is due to expire prior to it actually expiring, generally 14 days in advance. You must ensure you do not wait till the last day otherwise you run the risk of the password expiring before you get an opportunity to change the password.

In the event this happens you will need to log a ticket with Wrenmaxwell via our helpdesk system as you will have been locked out of the email server.


Resetting a password and changing the password used for a device or application such as Outlook are two different things.

These instructions are for resetting the password for your email account on the email server


To reset the password for your Kerio email, login to your mail using the web based URL https://mail.yourdomain.tld

Click on your name in the top right corner and select settings from the drop down menu

When you click on settings you will then go to a screen with a menu down the left hand side.

Use the change password option, input your current password and then the new password you would like to use.

Once this has been done you will need to change the password if you also use Outlook or an iPhone


Click HERE for instructions on changing the password in Outlook 2013

Click HERE for instructions on changing the password on your iPhone


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